You have reached the investor relations website for Caroline Lending LLC, a commercial lending firm based in Houston, Texas.

We provide a secured 9% yield for accredited investors.

Our commercial, short-term, hard money loan portfolio is funded by private debt, bank debt, and private equity.

We provide a 9% yield for accredited investors via our private debt, with all of our capital secured by real estate assets in states such as Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee.

Our private, secured investor debt carries only a 6 month term so there is no long-term commitment. Investors all have the option to roll their 6 month notes automatically into new notes at each maturity with no cost.

We pay out accumulated interest monthly, quarterly, or annually as decided by each investor. Our payments are all made electronically via the ACH system at Chase Bank with a verification process in place to protect our payments.

Our lending website can be found at carolinelending.com.

To learn more about our secured 9% yield, please contact us via the contact form located on this site. 

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